5: The Invention

Why won't it work
Why won't it ever work
I got to carry on
I got to carry on

I'll try again
I'll try and try again
Until I get it right
Until I get it right

I know I
can create light
without spark
and without flame
a type of light
that's burning bright
and lasting long
oh so long
Got this picture
in my head
of a day
it would be said
'electric light
is just so cheap
that only rich folks
have candles lit'

Ok let me see
what have we got here
a coiled up filament
connected to some wiring
all is placed within an
evacuated bulb
I will make it shine
illuminate this lab of mine
for this experiment
I'm using platinum
it should be working right
it's melting point is very high
I switch the current on
the metal starts to glow
but evaporates
I still can't make it work

So I'm here again
testing filaments
this time using strings
of carbonized cotton wool
it sounds improbable
that this could make it work
but I have to try
every possibility
my incandescent dream
has put me to the test
but if I don't succeed
I won't be getting any rest
a glass bulb standing on my desk
with carbon coiled within
I switch the current on
and now my room is ablazed

Look at the light
Look at the light