6: Cloudberries

The dawn will never come
if the sun refuse to set
there's daylight round the clock

there's diamonds in the stream
tinkeling in the breeze
way beneath our feet

Don't you walk too close
the cliff is much too sheer
you should watch your step

And as we're climbing here
the scenery unfolds
I will come to you

I'll find you
I'll find you
I'll find you
whereever you might be

In marshlands and in bogs
in rain and wind or fog
through the gate
to the wilderness I'll walk

Tomorrow brings another day
to sweep the yesterday away
and maybe then I'll make it all the way

But time flies (and I struggle ahead)
Yeah time flies (there's only you my head)
But time flies (Away)

in a hidden valley
surrounded by mountains
I found what I came here for

in amber like fashion
in numbers of thousands
just waiting to be picked

the fruit of my efforts
is worth all my trouble
now I'm here and on a cloud