1: St. Elmo's Fire

2: Electrical Storm

He looks outside
Standing in the doorway he watch the sky
Dark clouds have gathered
And charged the air

In their bed
his wife is breathing heavily
He close the shutters
And locks out the wind

Tension building up
Waiting for release

First the glimpse
Then the distant roar rolling down the hills
Rain is falling
as he locks the door

Scalded towels
The nurse is sitting calmly by her side
Waiting for the moment
That's getting close

Tension building up
Waiting for release
Held forever lingering

When the moment came
everything was agony
sparks discharging history
a welcome to this world

3: Macak the Cat

As a child
My happiest moments
Were those I spend
With him

We would run
Roll in the grass
My best of friends
My cat

He was then the fountain
Of my joy
The finest of them all
His fur was black as coal
I loved him heart and soul

Winter came
The air was dry
We would stay

Then the strangest thing
happened before
my eyes

You should have seen the magic that I saw
The cat would shake its paw
Like if it had been wet from the rain
He shook it again and again
And when I stroked his back
A million tiny sparks
Would jump from fur to hand
I want to understand

4: Transatlantic

Leaving the old world
heading for the promised land
With great expectations

Lost all my luggage
All I had left was what I wore
And barely survived a mutiny

Arrived in New York
At the castle clinton fort
Queued up in a never ending line

Though I said Smiljan
They wrote 'swedish' in the form
granted permission to move on

Transatlantic travelling

Please let me tell you
'bout this thing I'm working on
A wireless transmitter

Earth as conductor
almost perfect spheric shape
Allowing resonance around the world

A guy in Cornwall
Send a signal 'cross the sea
using my own patents to beat me

Let him continue
He is such a nice guy
But I wish he had ideas of his own

Transatlantic wireless

5: Voltage Control

6: Synesthesia

Whenever I close my eyes
Like a starless sky
inevitably leads
To a spectacular sight

Green flakes appears
A random pattern of spheres
Then parallel lines
Are flooding my vision

Before my sleeping
I see faces or things
I'm slipping away

There it happened again
I see bright
Bright flashes of light
I know is not real
But something only I can see

It happens
When in distress or despair
I see sollutions
To the problems there
And when I’m exited
It shows me things to invent

I know it’s unusual
This gift that I have
I choose to use it

7: Contraptions for Pigeons

So beautiful
Dressed in feathers
all in white and grey

Each day
she comes to my window
She's my next of kin

I sit and wait
by the window
I'll sit here for days

I'll go
through hell and contraptions
for her being well

What a bird

Such a bird

Such a hurt

8: Oscillations

There are many kinds of wars
Fought in many different ways
In love and war it's said
that everything is fair
That everything is fair

He sits in silence by himself
With concepts brewing in his head
A system to replace
And render obsolete
The way the world had worked

Once his mentor now a foe
Inferior in many ways
Refusing to realize
The strenght of transformation
So he declared it war

The feud would reach an all time low
Dogs and cats would disappear
A wooden chair was build
A jolt of thousand volts
What an ugly war

Would proove him right
The future
For which he worked so hard
Belong to him


Please don't follow
I work alone
On the meadow at night
When the towns people sleep tight

Across the field
A grid of orbs alight
Illuminating a vision
Of how the future would be

All around the world we'll have
Energy right off the ground
Powers that belonged to Zeus
Free for anyone to use


Rotating magnetic field
Voltage, current, frequency
Polyphase electric field
Voltage, current, frequency

Nature is energy
Static charge and spark

Aether wind as medium
Voltage, current, frequency
Polarity, intensity
Voltage, current, frequency

Nature is energy
Vibration and pulse


A thousand lights was glowing bright
Ablazed the fact he won the fight
A luminated fair
for everyone to see
For everyone to see

prooved him right
The future
For which he worked so hard
Is now

A brownish faded photograph
Depicting nights in Chicargo
A job well done
A new horizon to pursue
The future has come true


Look at that wave
So powerful
All this resonance
all in tune

Look at that wave
Look at that wave
A stationary wave
Forever changing phase

My journey seems
As endless as my dream
Picking up the berries
That I find

Sometimes approaching
Sometimes fading
Everytime I think
that I will grasp it

So exhausted
From travelling
It seems to me
That noone walked this road

9: A Piece of Empty Sky

The skyline
The city
Ablazed by your work
Forever changed
Because of you
It has become

In silence
Your room is lit
But you are now
Nowhere here
A piece of empty sky
Where you were

A moment
A lifetime
Filled with things to do
You could
Live a life on repeat
Or loose it at Stampede
Or you could change a world
What would you choose?