May 23 2011 1:35 PM
May update
Somebody has spilled coffee on the studio's floor. It's probably me, since I'm the only one in the studio today. And I'm drinking coffee. The circumstantial evidence is overwhelming.

Yeah... it's coffee

Bassplayer Jesper H. Petersen and I went to see Roger Waters perform The Wall at the Danish national stadium, Parken, a few weeks ago. Being a Pink Floyd supporter for decades, it was great to see this piece of work performed live. However, I was quite taken aback by the audience behavior. People all around me was chatting loudly while the music played. I even saw a person standing with his back to the stage, blabbeling to his friends. As the show progressed, mid-aged men with tap beer in one hand and lit cigarettes in the other, played air guitar to all parts. Even those without guitar. This bad audience behavior shaved off at least 30% of the experience. I can see whay Robert Fripp doesn't want to play in Europe anymore.
Unfortunately, I have experienced this kind of behavior before. For instance last time I saw Jean-Michel Jarre and numerous times in movie theaters. Hmm...

Roger Waters at Parken

On another note; I've been busy recording bass and guitar parts, writing lyrics, creating backing tracks for live performances and toying around with the Fairlight CMI iPhone app.... Cute

Screenshot of the Fairlight CMI page D

And the new album is coming along - however a lot slower than expected... Spring 2012 perhaps...