Nov 10 2011 2:45 PM
Autumn update
I've just had an artistic crisis, thinking my new album was crap. So far I have never done an album without sometime during recording thinking that it's rubbish. This even happen numerous times during production. And now it happened again.
But then I threw two songs away and reworked two songs I didn't otherwise believe in, and then it worked. Once again the flow of the album feels right.
And then I began thinking about the irony, that I use one of the most advanced digital music workstations to create something that sounds like it was recorded in the seventies...

The virtual rack with Hammond, Leslie and Echorec.

A beautiful 12-string guitar has found its way into the recording sessions. I've allways loved the sound of the 12-string being strummed, but uptil now I have never used one nor owned one. But I thought it would fit the sound of the new album perfectly, so I approached my friend Mr. Sch√łnning, and to my surprise he gave me his.
It sounds fantastic!

The 12 new strings.