Sep 11 2011 2:25 PM
NEW ALBUM - The Dual Resonance Model
A collaboration with Jesper H. Petersen and Edith Fabritius Tvede. Out October 10th 2011 on digital platforms.

There's an ancient mathematical concept that describes the movements of heavenly bodies as 'music of the spheres'. Or musica universals if you prefer the latin phrase. Astrology and later astronomy seems to be one of the things that has intrigued mankind throughout the ages. The concept has of course inspired a lot of musicians, who have written works entitled 'music of the spheres'. Among these composers are the likes of Rued Langgaard and Mike Oldfield. These artists have only been inspired by the title of the concept, and doesn't really deal with the planetary movements or the actual sounds of space.
In space there's no aural sound because of the lack of matter. However the various objects and phenomenas of both near and deep space does emit electromagnetic radiation. And this can very easily be transformed into aural sound using a vlf receiver - a radio.
Such recordings would be genue music of the spheres. Recordings of real music of the spheres can be found on the internet and on a series of compact discs created by NASA and based on recordings made by the Voyager probe.
On the other hand french composer Pierre Schaeffer defined the dividing line between noise and music as 'intention'. And those electromagnetic rays can't have been emitted with intent (unless you believe it has).
What Jesper and I have been trying to do with this piece of ambience, is to add musical intent to those vlf noises.
And thus creating Musica Universalis - Music of the Spheres.