Dec 28 2000 10:49 PM

Very unpleasant weather today... both cold and wet!
The recording, mixing and mastering of 'Odyssey' has finally come to an end. Today a master were made and now only pressing and printing has to be done before the release.
For those interested I will hold a small release party at my place saturday 20/01-2001 at 20:01 hours.
There's still a lot to do before the concert only three days from now, so I better hurry away from the computer.....

Dec 07 2000 10:48 PM
Guten Tag!!!

Seen from this point, 'Odyssey' holds it's original release date.
A limited edition will see the light sat. 20/1-2000.
In the shadow of 'Odyssey', another album will see the light of day in the beginning of 2001. The album is a continuation of 'Mushroom Party' (released summer 1999). It is called 'Millennia Mushroom' and the music will be performed at a small concert new years eve. This concert will feature the duo HAMMERSHOLM which consists of Allan Hammershøj and me. This is the first time in five years we will perform together.

Nov 20 2000 10:47 PM

The release of 'Odyssey' might be delayed. Of course this will damage the symbolic release date, but according to Arthur C. Clarke's book, 14/9-2001 will be just as important, as those figures are the scale of the monolith.

Oct 14 2000 10:46 PM

Yeah, well, since last I've recieved a mail from Chris who is responsible for the 'Lost in static 19' project.
The album has been delayed (again), and right now there are no certain dates.

Work on 'Odyssey' is holding the time tables. Release date is still 20/01-2001.
Hmmm... I think that's it!!!

Jul 13 2000 10:13 PM

Not more than a mile from the very centre of Copenhagen City, lies an area called 'Islands Brygge', a total wasteland of industrial buildings.
For some strange reason, nothing has happened in this area for years. Ghastly gray silos and deserted warehouses, things that were usable once, is now just parts of an eerie phantom town.
Once this was useable, once there were a need for this. Once this was just an ideology in somebody's head.
There isn't a need for this ideology anymore. CONSTRUCTIONS is the requiem for the forgotten ideology, or more poetic, the requiem for the broken dream.
People always asociates a requiem with classical music, which is understandable, as the old traditions are forgotten. But why can't anyone do a mass, just because the instruments have changed? CONSTRUCTIONS will prove that it is possible to do a contemporary mass.


'Constructions' - a modern requiem

  1. Constructions part 1 (requiem eternam)
  2. Constructions part 2 (kyrie)
  3. Constructions part 3 (dies irae)
  4. Constructions part 4 (tuba mirum)
  5. Constructions part 5 (rex tremendae)
  6. Constructions part 6 (lacrymosa)
  7. Constructions part 7 (offertorium)
  8. Constructions part 8 (scanctus)
  9. Constructions part 9 (benedictus)
  10. Constructions part 10 (agnus dei)
  11. Constructions part 11 (communio)
  12. Constructions part 12 (eternam)
May 28 2000 10:03 PM

The next Ste van Holm album is carrying the working title 'Odyssey'. It will be released on 20th january 2001. Plans for a concert has unfortunately seized.

Ste will be featured on the forthcomming Mike Oldfield tribute 'Lost in Static 19'. Ste is contrubuting with a short cover of Oldfield's 1983 song 'Foreign Affair'. For this song he's joined by singer Lise Andreassen with whom he has witnessed three Oldfield concerts.