Jul 27 2011 3:11 PM
Six days to go....
With less than a week to go before my debut concert, I thought I'd introduce the band:

Tanja will be resposible for most vocals during the show. If she's not singing, Anders will.

Anders will provide both vocal performances and guitars.

David is going to hit those drums so hard you won't believe it.

Jesper is making sure the bottom end is groovy.

And Me, I'll be making bleeps and squeeks on vocoder and other electronic devices.

Jul 22 2011 7:42 PM
One and a half week to go
The concert is getting close, and there's still a lot of work to do. Today I finished off the projections that will be played in sync with the music. We still have to try it out in rehersal...
I will not reveal the setlist, but we'll play most of 'Anyway' (but not all), some old songs and a brand new one...

Rehersing 'Maleficence'

Last monday I had the pleasure of being presented to the german radio listeners. This happened when radio host Steffen Thieme played 10 minutes of my music in his radio show 'Sounds of Syn' which is broadcast in the Hamburg area and streamed live on the internet. For the record: Tabula Secundus and Tabula Tertius from Tabula Rasa was played.