Jul 09 2009 8:21 PM
Today Edith Tvede and I had waffles with cloudberry jam and a cloudberry cider. The reason for this cloudy snack was the recording of a new song called... Can you guess it??? 'Cloudberries'!
Cloudberries are a boreal delicacy and one of the symbols of Säpmi (that used to be called Lapland). A cold, windswept place too far north to care for some, perhaps, but to me it'a an enchanted place that I daydream about a lot.
The session was very relaxed, and I think Edith's voice suited the track perfectly.
Now I have to edit Edith's session... Sorry, couldn't help the pun...

Edith with a cloudberry jammed waffle.

Cloudberry jam and empty cloudberry cider bottle.

Jul 08 2009 11:01 AM

I've started working on a promo clip for the new album. This is the first time since last summer that I'm working on a music video, and the first time since spring 2007 that it'll feature my own music. This time, it'll require quite a lot of work, as I'll try to make it a stop-motion clip.
So far, Stina has been filmed playing ukulele and singing to a track called 'Where are you now?'

Miss Madelaire at the set

We also spend some time working on a demo for one of Stina's songs called 'Dancing'. I'm not quite sure how it happened, but suddently it sounded a lot like 80ies disco... I think it requires some doctoring.

Furthermore I have been preparing 'Traumfestival' for upload on YouTube. 'Traumfestival' is the 30 minute feature I did on Einstürzende Neubauten in 2003 while the band was mixing their 'Perpetuum mobile' album. Slicing and scaling the film for YouTube was the easy part. An email have been send to the band, and I'm now awaiting their approval.

Jul 05 2009 6:18 PM
Oh my it's hot....
A day spend pitch correcting... I've finally abandoned my old autotune plug-in, and have bought the Melodyne engine instead. The Melodyne is a far superior tool...

Melodyne screenshot