Jan 22 2009 11:36 AM

My last blog promted a suggestion to release 'Constructions' on the now-again-hip vinyl format.
An Lp is able to contain a lot more soul than a Cd, and I am convinced it would feel a lot better to release an Lp than a Cd or just a download.
I have been looking into the posibillities, and I have narrowed it down to two possible scenarios:
1) 100 copies of 'Constructions' is released in a gatefold sleeve.
2) 10 copies is pressed of each of my albums, they will be numbered and signed and auctioned off.
Both of these possibilities are costly - the latter means that each item will cost approx 150 euro.
If I choose to do either of these two models, it will effectively cause the sessions for my next album to come to a halt, as I would simply not be able to deal with the production costs.
Jan 15 2009 1:03 PM
Ok, it's a 'maybe'
A few days ago I wrote that I would not reissue 'Odyssey', because the original multitracks had been lost. And before I say anything else, I'd like to point out that they ARE lost.
In the autumn of 2001 my harddisc died, and with it I lost all the Odyssey sessions. I knew that I had som old Cd-roms hidden away in a cardboard box somewhere, and after posting on my blog two days ago, I started wondering if those cds actually had some Odyssey on them.
I was taken aback when I found the cardboard box, and realized, that I had a lot of back-ups from the sessions. I didn't find any of the final sessions. They are lost, but amongst all the demos and crap I found some penultimate sessions. Enough to enable me to fix at least some of the not so good parts. So now I'm not so sure, that I won't rework Odyssey. I might. And perhaps I'll rerelease it along with next years 'Two Suns' album... It's a definite maybe...

Jan 12 2009 11:25 AM
Odyssey rerelease
Recently I was asked, if Odyssey would become available again some day. And more precise if it would become available as download just as Tabula Rasa did. The short answer is 'nope'.
The long version is, as might have been indicated, a bit longer:
I have currently no plans for a rerelease of Odyssey in any form. Neither as cd nor as download. Odyssey does contain some good ideas and it is much more aggressive than most other ambient music. This would, in itself, justify a rerelease. However, it is very poorly produced. And especially the guitar parts annoys me. If I was to rerelease Odyssey, I would have to do something about those guitars. And this, cannot be done, as I do not have the multitracks any more. If I did (and I might have some), I could revamp it just as I revamped Tabula Rasa before last years rerelease. But without the actual multitracks, this cannot be done. I could start all over again and rerecord the worst parts, but honestly, why bother? So, why can't I just release it as the document of its time it is? Because I don't think it's a very good document is why. I have come a long way technically as well as musically since Odyssey. I will, however, not say never. I might rerelease it some day, but I wouldn't count on it...
Jan 03 2009 5:37 PM
First vocal session
Happy New Year!
So it's 2009, eh? What happened in 2008? A lot actually... I started working on a new album, I engineered a bit here and there, directed three music videos and revamped my 2004 album 'Tabula Rasa'. That's ok, isn't it?
I will hesitate a bit when it comes to any guessing about what 2009 will bring. I hope I'll be allowed to do some more music videos, and I hope that I'm able to release the new album this year. No promises made. But the first vocal recording session for the album did happen today, so it might be released this year.
Stina Madelaire, a singer I've known since my time in the Media Sound Studios, popped by today to do the vocals for a track called 'Garden of Exile'. One of the moodier pieces on an otherwise upbeat album...

Stina in the studio:

The lyrics: