Apr 25 2009 11:54 PM
At the turn of april...

Klaus Schønning doing some parisian moods for 'Sleepwalking':

Streetart in the suburb of Herlev;

The opening of an art exhibition:

displaying the works of MartinLars:

who presented this piece:


Art was also present at the parking lot:

The building 1:

The building 2:

Apr 20 2009 5:56 PM
20th of april....
New lyrics in the making; The Trench;

Shadows on the wall;
Apr 08 2009 2:24 PM
Yesterday Stina Madelaire came by to do some more vocals for the album. We worked on three songs, and I guess we nailed the vocals.
The recordings were so quickly done, that Stina had plenty of time to try out some slide on the dobro...

Apr 03 2009 9:23 PM
Spring seems to have arrived
It seems that spring has arrived - finally!

Tweaks and ajustments on the album:

I have a few vocal sessions planned for the near future, which means a few hectic days of lyrics writing.
My aim for this album is to have lyrics that focuses on getting from A to B. Either in the physical sense or in a more psycological way. So far I have managed, but I still have too many lyrics to write, so the focus might blur.

Last week I went to Vega in Copenhagen. I consider it the best venue in Denmark for two reasons: 1) It is a beautiful, beautiful venue, and 2) they have some really great names on the bill. Last week it was Fever Ray from Sweden. The concert stunned me. It was so strange, yet amazing, and I felt very inspired as I left. Actually, scandinavian acts seems to be what inspires me at the moment. I'm very fond of Karin Dreijer's works, both Fever Ray and The Knife has been on heavy rotation here. Also Röyksopp, Anna Ternheim, A-ha and Abba has dominated the output of my iPod lately.

And oh! What is that on my keyboard...?