Feb 15 2009 9:47 PM
Today I played some slide on the resonator for a song currently called 'in transit'. Slide is something completely new to me, as I've always considered it 'too american'.
Anyway... There will be slide on the new album...

Feb 04 2009 9:19 PM
More sessions

It's starting to look like an album!
Yesterday the second vocal session was held at my studio. This time Eva Rotenberg did some airy vocals for a song called 'Sleepwalking'. The song is inspired by Phillipe Petit who walked on a tightrope suspended between the two World Trade Center towers in New York in 1974.

Today I visited Klaus Schønning in his 'Lydlaboratorium'. He had been working on some ethnic sounds to flavour the track 'Garden of Exile', a song whose story takes place in Morocco.

The next few days I will spend editing Eva's and Klaus' work, and then I'll move on to other tracks...