Sep 26 2008 5:35 PM
Tabula Rasa - Again

The last few weeks I have been knocking some dust off my 2004 album 'Tabula Rasa'.
The reason is, that I've decided to put it on iTunes just like 'Constructions'.
When it was released in 2004 I just wanted it out of the way, as I was already working on 'Constructions'. Hence I rushed it. There were parts which was intended for acoustic guitar or mandolin that was just played on keyboard, because it was easier. With 'Constructions' finished more than a year ago and 'Tabula Rasa' about to go online, I thought it was time to do the rushed bits properly.
All six parts of 'Tabula Rasa' was reworked for the digital download. Most significant are the changes applied to parts 2 and 5, while the changes to part 4 are only subtle.
Two days ago I went to see Klaus Schønning in his studio. He had done an entire new ending for part 2. This session also marked the compleasion of the reworking.
Yesterday the master was send to my distributor.
The rest of it is out of my hands, but soon it'll be on 60 different online stores around the world...