Apr 29 2008 8:42 PM
Work, work and more work
Work on my new album seems to accelerate to speeds faster than I'm used to. I am already employing singers... The cover is also on it's way, and on the whole I like the new direction.
Right now I'm giving the music a pause, and devoting my time to work on video installations for a very prominent american musician, whose work I've followed for ten years....
Apr 12 2008 1:39 PM
One of the more gloomy tracks, 'Plastination' was inspired by the works of Gunther von Hagens, the anatomist who invented the plastination technique. The technique is brilliant and has forever enede the age of specimen is tubes. But von Hagens did not stop there. Somewhere along the way, he started creating art with these cadavers. This, of course, has lead to quite a lot of controversy. I am both disgusted and fascinated (if it did not provoke me, I would not have done a song about it).
Now Roy Glover - Gunther von Hagens'competitor - brings his exhibition 'Bodies' to Cophenhagen. Once again I am disgusted, but I think I have to go see what it is...
Apr 10 2008 4:11 PM
I went to two concerts last week. Both connected to a large pile of nostalgia. First of all Jean-Michel Jarre performed his breakthrough piece 'Oxygene' on old analogue synthesizers. It was a beautiful concert, but I must admit it got a bit boring. There were five new pieces which were variations on the 30 years old Oxygene themes. However, it was too static and nothing much happened. It annoys me a lot when people in the audience does not focus on the performance, but chit chats along. These murmured conversations from the audience ruined my experience.
The second concert was very different. After 10 years absence 'Portishead' is making noise again. The show was highly fueled with a perfect mixture of old and new. A very welcome return!
Apr 05 2008 7:35 PM
I have recieved a lot of feedback on 'Constructions' lately. I have recieved quite a few mails from Germany, which makes me very happy, as I try to concentrate on the German market. I have also recieved mails from the States and a lot from my own country, Denmark.
Please keep it coming, it means a lot to me to know what you think.