Mar 06 2012 5:07 PM
Quite a large portion of the life of the contemporary musician has nothing to do with music what so ever. It is plain office work as music has to be registered to various organizations before it can be played to anyone. I guess in the time of major record labels this was a way of protecting the working composers and their bodies of work. However, as the music business has changed and more and more artists - including yours truly - have decided to act as labels themselves, these organizations seems to work as obstructions for the ones they were meant to protect. Well, enough said about the absurdity of the music business, and on to some more desk work; sales statistics! All 2011 sales have now been accounted for. A few details:
- I sell more music in Germany than in Denmark.
- Cloudberries is my best selling track.
- The folks down under seems to have discovered my music. Thank you, Australian listeners. I salute you!

Minella in the studio

Apart from the strictly paper aspect of being a musician, I have been recording more vocals for the forthcoming album. This time the ever so beautiful Minella Ketscher was in front of the microphone. Minella has a singing style that instantly makes me think of singers from the sixties. A beautiful voice with a lot of expression.

Snowdrops at the covershoot

When I walk outside, I have discovered that a lot of snowdrops and eranthis have appeared. A beautiful and sure sign that spring will soon be here.
It also reminded me, that it is already a year since I shot the cover for the yet to come album, currently titled 'From Dirt Flowers Grow'. But both title and cover might change, as nothing is finalized yet...