Mar 02 2012 3:05 PM
Lately I've been busy doing a lot of different things. Most of them having nothing to do with music. They had to be done never the less.
However, I have found time to do some work in the studio. Most recently the recording of two songs with Tanja Hollerup on vocals.

Tanja in the studio

Tanja first worked for me when I was doing a concert six months ago, and I had only little idea of how it would be to work with in the studio environment. Tanja, however, is a very able singer and we recorded everything using only a minimum amount of takes.
One of the songs we recorded is called Brocken Spectre, after an optical phenomena which in earlier days made people believe in witches.
I went to the Brocken mountain in october last year, but I didn't catch a glimpse of the spectre, as it was way too foggy...

At the Brocken Bahnhof, Harz mountains