Jul 19 2010 4:09 PM
A week of creativity
Lately I've had my hands full with a lot of different stuff.
First of all I've send Jesper a 51 minutes long audio file of what we've got so far of our collaborative album 'Second Dream : Two Suns'. It isn't finished yet, but now it actually resembles an album.

Then I've been to the Forsakar waterfall in southern Sweden with Edith Tvede, to film the third part of the music video for 'Cloudberries'. The video features Edith as the mythological lady of the woods Huldra from the scandinavian folklore. The video is divided into four parts showing the changing of seasons, and will not be finished until october. We started filming in february when the land was covered in snow, and the last part will be filmed when the forest is saturated with autumn colors. So it is quite time consuming.

Edith as Huldra at Forsakar

Last but not least we've had the mansion filled for the weekend with a lot of creative people, talented within a lot of different fields. It has certainly been a weekend to remember, and I am very grateful that the arrangement was a success. The weather was good too!
It is my belief, at the artists involved left the experiment with a lot of ideas for future works. I did.

Breakfast at day two of the Creative Weekend