Dec 18 2010 11:00 PM
Seasonal noise

The other day was quite busy in the studio. Both Edith and Tonny came by to record some noise.
First and foremost we did a cover of Joan Javits' Santa Baby from 1953 which has also been covered by Kylie, Spears and Madonna... What a company.

Our version features Tonny on keyboards, Edith on vocals and me on guitar, percussion and backing vocals.
The result is an uptempo, but rather loose version. I like it...

After Tonny left, Edith stayed to record two more songs. One was a cover of Walking in the Air from the 1982 cartoon 'The Snowman'. The other was cue-vocals for a new track of mine called 'Whiteout'.

Edith listening to the pre-mix - does she like what she's hearing?