Jun 26 2010 11:35 AM
Odyssey Revamp released

After being unavailable and forgotten for just about seven years, my debut album 'Odyssey' will now become available once again. This time through iTunes, cdon.com, skivbolaget.se and a few other online music stores.
As with the 2008 rerelease of 'Tabula Rasa', 'Odyssey' has had a slight makeover. This time the changes are fewer and more subtle than the 'Tabula Rasa' revamp. But I couldn't resist making changes. Like for instance removing my own voice from the transition sections and replacing it with a synthetic one. Also new guitars have been added along with delay effects and a new mastering.
I have had a lot of second thoughts about this rerelease, and for a long time I didn't think it would be a good idea. Being the first album I recorded and produced, for a long time 'Odyssey' sounded very immature to me. It still does. However it may serve very well as a document of where I was at the time. Both sonically and technically.
'Odyssey' was created through a series of improvisations I did in year 2000. I used to work on it late at night, and for most part I switched all my synths on, hit some keys and let myself go with whatever came out.
Originally 'Odyssey' was released in january 2001.
The revamp can be purchased 'here'.

Me in my studio recording 'Odyssey'. Probably october or november 2000