Aug 17 2008 12:36 PM
Across the nation and return
Yesterday I drove my little car across the country and back. Fortunately, Denmark is a small country and any part of the nation can be reached by car within a day.

Monotonia of the motorway 1

Monotonia of the motorway 2

The reason for these eight hours of driving, was to have a meeting and some lessons from the best Stick player we have in Denmark; Lennart Marrot.
I bought a Chapman Stick a few years ago, and I used it all over the Constructions album. However, Constructions is a studioalbum and a lot of tricks can be done in the studio enviroment. So, it all come down to this: I can't play stick, and I needed a teacher. Luckily Lennart was more than happy to teach me some techniques. Now I've got a sore wrist....

Lennart and me with Warr and Chapman

On my return home I passed a few bridges. Some minor and some major ones.

A minor

and a major