Jan 01 2006 9:14 PM
Seasonal Greetings

Yet another year has gone behind us, how time flies!

I have no new years resolutions this year, as I never get around to do anything about them anyway.
2005 saw me reorganizing both my studio and my musical apporoach. I have bought some new instruments, and I've got rid of even more. And I plan to get rid of more, as I rarely use my rack units anymore. Software synths has become so efficient, that I hardly ever turn my hardware on.

Sadly 2005 also brought the passing of four people I knew and cared about. Some very close, and some a bit further away. One of them, a father of a friend and a very skilled artist, provided me with some sounds for my forthcoming album, as he kindly allowed me to record him working at his foundry.

At the turn of this year, I quietly pay respect to those we left behind. May they find peace where they are now.

yours sincerely