Jan 18 2006 9:12 PM
DVD Release


In october last year I was contacted by Danielle de Picciotto, an american artist who resides in Berlin. She was putting final touch on a documentary dvd called 'On tour with neubauten.org'. She knew that I had done the 'Traumfestival' and asked me to do a six minutes bonusfeature for the DVD.
I edited my favourite parts of 'Traumfestival' (funny enough they all feature N.U. Unruh and nobody else) to a six minutes feature titled 'Die Intonatore'. The title was the name of the noise machines made by futurist Luigi Russolo, the creator of the legendary 'Art of Noise' manifesto.

'On tour with neubauten.org' will be available for Neubauten supporters from mid-february via neubauten.org, and will reach the shops mid-march.