Aug 14 2003 9:40 PM

I have just completed a one hour long sound installation for an art exhibition. The exhibition will feature the works of three artists and will be held on august 23rd and 24th 2003.
The sound installation consists of both brand new and recycled material. The opening and closing of the piece are new compositions. The rest is a mixture of outtakes from the 'Odyssey' sessions, songs directly taken from 'Odyssey', demos of forthcomming works and pieces that won't be used anywhere else (for instance the infamous "frog song" featured elsewhere on this site).
A limited number of cds has been printed and it might be sold at the exhibition.

The exhibition will be a part of Nørrebro Kulturelle Markedsdage in Nørrebroparken, Copenhagen and will be open saturday august 23rd from 1pm - 10pm and sunday august 24th from 10am - 4pm.