Aug 22 2003 9:38 PM
Engeneering Entakt

I have become associated with the band Entakt. It is a great band! Their music really amazes me. It's a six piece band that can be reduced to a duo if anybody whishes so. The music is somwhere in the grey no mans land between Radiohead and TV-2. By that I mean not quite simple melancholic music with danish lyrics.
I've become the bands live engeneer and so far I've done two gigs with them; one at 'Vandværket' in Roskilde, and one at 'Pumpehuset' in Copenhagen. As of this moment there are two more gigs arranged;

Lade's Kælder, Copenhagen, thuesday 14th october at 10pm (the duo)

Pumpehuset, Copenhagen, Saturday 18th october at 20.30pm (the 6 piece band)

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