Aug 30 2023 5:49 PM
Newspaper clippings

As a prelude to the concert on Christiansø, Bornholms Tidende has published a short notice about the concert in Gongladen. It's in danish, but here's a translation:

Multimedia show in the tower

Yesterday, Christiansø artist Ste van Holm had premiere of his latest multimedia show in Gongladen in Rødby, and on Saturday 9 September at 8:30 p.m. the work will be performed at a home concert in Store Tårn on Christiansø, says a press release which continues:
The tower will be filled with sound, light and film in a show, that visually resembles Kraftwerk or Jean-Michel Jarre in mini format, while the music has more in common with Mike Oldfield and Pink Floyd.
The concert is organized in collaboration with Christiansø Administration, why there will be free admission.
Ste van Holm is one of the musicians whose name does not resonate with the general population, but whose work you have - with reasonable probability - heard anyway, since the artist has provided music for series of documentaries on DR, such as  "When two genders are not enough" and  "Panic before closing time" - and helped with the creation of albums with names like Michael Falch, Big Fat Snake, Mike Tramp, F-A-R, Heatherhill and more.
Ste van Holm has also made the films "Traumfestival" and "Die Intonatore" with and about the German industrial pioneers Einstürzende Neubatuen, as well as directed music videos for King Crimsons' Trey Gunn and further released eight solo albums in various genres from progressive rock to pop, disco, ambient and industrial.