Apr 27 2016 8:00 AM
The Deception Project

I'm very pleased to announce my new album with the working title 'The Deception Project', planned to be released over the next months.
With the release of 'Tesla' only six months ago, this is the closest succession of an album I've ever made.
The album isn't finished, but some of the tracks are. Usually I would wait until it was all done before I'd release anything, but this time I thought I'd do it a bit differently.
My plan is to release one song a month until the whole album is ready.
The songs released prior to the whole album and those who end up on the album might and might not be the same versions.

The first song to be released is in fact two songs: Connect the Dots and Pareidolia. The first one features vocals by me (through a vocoder) and the lovely Marie Filtenborg. The latter is instrumental.