Feb 16 2014 10:46 PM
Hverdag i Landet bag Døren
I've been making some noise.

I'm currently working on a concept album, and last week Minella Ribert recorded the vocals for two of the tracks. This was the first proper recording session for this album, so it might take a while before I release it.

Something that is available right now, is my remix of David Agerbæk's song 'Hverdag i Landet Bag Døren'. I've always loved David's song, but I've never liked the arrangement. David has played drums in my live band since the first gig in 2011, and we have often discussed the possibility of a remake of the song.
David gave me the multitrack recordings and (almost) free hands to do whatever I liked to the song, and fortunately he liked the result.

In fact, David liked it so much, that he put it on Soundcloud right away: