Feb 12 2013 9:58 AM
New stuff
Since my last update three weeks ago, quite a few things has happened.
Two new music videos have been released. The first one being Incantations, the second being Black Stalks.
The video for Incantations came out of nothing. I was cleaning up the hard drive and I stumbled upon these clips I did with Jesper a few years ago. I can't explain why, but I tried to play them while listening to Incantations and realized that they matched perfectly. Two hours later, the edit was done....
You can watch the videos in the 'visuals' section.

Speaking of Jesper, and speaking of working very fast, Anders and Jesper spend some time in the studio a few days ago.

We were recording tracks for Anders' forthcoming acoustic album called 'K.I.S.S. in Session'. K.I.S.S. meaning 'keep it simple, stupid'. The album was recorded in a rush, and my attitude towards the edit and mix was that less is more.

The album should be out very soon, and I'll write some more about it then.