Jun 25 2012 4:24 PM
Yesterday the new album got it's backbone!

All drumloops and mididrums were replaced by live drumming by none other than David Jeppesen.
David is the kind of drummer I like. Partly because I like him a lot on the personal level, but also because he hit those drums very hard and very precisely.
I am currently unable to record drums in my own studio, as I do not have enough microphones - or enough space. So we went to the Mir Sound Studio in Copenhagen, which is owned by Troels Bech.
I have worked with Troels on quite a few occations now, and there was no question in my mind, that he was the one for the job.

David at the MIR sound studio

Troels at the MIR sound studio

David's bass drum

The 'rotten' ambience microphone

A broken drum stick

The session lasted eight hours on the minute, and we recorded drums for nine tracks. Some were easier than others.
Now there's some editing to do...