Aug 01 2010 5:27 AM
Website overhaul
It may not look like it at all, but the website here has had quite an overhaul!
There are still a few things that need some tweaks, but generally the site works better now.
Some of the features added are present here on the blog. Now you can browse the blog using the menu on the left and, if you like, it is now possible to add comments. Please feel free to do so.

The Trench
Last week I found myself cruising the Copenhagen Metro line with Jesper H. Petersen dressed like a businessman. As this is something Jesper would normally not do by any chance, it took a camera to persuade him.
The footage we filmed is going to be used for the music video for 'The Trench', the third track off 'Anyway' to have a video.
The video will consist of two parts, and we're currently organizing the second shoot.

Business-Jesper at the station