Dec 13 2004 9:32 PM
'Tabula Rasa' - New Album

Who would have thought that? 'Tabula Rasa' has been completed!

'Tabula Rasa' is now available on the well known CD media. But that's not all! It's available on the fantastic CD-R! (hmm)
It is packed in a smooth jewelcase with a transparant booklet. Not unlike Sigur Rós' '()'.
'Tabula Rasa' lasts 46 minutes and features contributions from five musicians. Amongst these are Klaus Schønning who produced the album and played almost all keyboards.

Going back is never easy to do...
Never the less that's what I've done. The composition of 'Tabula Rasa' was done between 96 and 99, and then the suite was shelved. During the years to come I completely revised my understanding of music. Now I was no longer interested in the instrumental symph-rock that I had been dealing with for years. However, my new works were overshadowed by the fact that I had a complete album of symph-rock shelved. I understood. To be able to let go and move on, I had to complete my work, to take that 45 minutes suite down from the shelf and record it.

The suite was like an old girlfriend. Still pretty, still adorable, but I didn't want a serious relationship anymore. Fortunately, music is not exactly like girlfriends, and with the unvaluable help and support from Klaus Schønning, I engaged yet another dance with my old love.

Between autumn 2001 and fall 2004, Klaus Schønning and I worked on the recording of the suite. For me it has been like an ending rather than the recording of a new album. Hence I found the title 'Tabula Rasa' appropriate. 'Tabula Rasa' is latin and means 'smoothed tablet' - to wipe clean and start from the beginning - a new ending.